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Orchestra ViVo! Direction Garrett List

<b>Orchestra ViVo<i>!</i></b> Direction Garrett List Orchestra ViVo! is Garrett List’s latest big project. It is a network of 30 musicians committed to create a ‘new popular music’, which is both art music and popular music. Art Music because it integrates the contribution of European classical music into its musical composition. Popular Music through its deep desire to communicate and touch everyone’s heart. Read more


Orchestra ViVo ! - Classical revisited


Orchestra ViVo ! - Classical music & Slam


Orchestra ViVo ! - Poetry & Jazz


Orchestra ViVo ! - Pop décalé


Orchestra ViVo ! - Jazz


Orchestra ViVo ! - Europop


Orchestra ViVo ! - And we dance too !


Orchestra ViVo ! - video clip released on 2017 International Jazz Day: a message of peace realized with 30 high school kids


Orchestra ViVo ! - star of the TV magazine L'invitation - RTBF - January 10th 2017


  • "664" (à propos de Mr. Schubert) - Garrett List - Oct 2010


  • Premier Matin - Aurélie Charneux - Oct 2010


  • Bobby’s Liebeslied - Garrett List/ Johan Dupont - Oct 2010


  • A Treasure - Emmanuel Louis - Oct 2010


  • Bright Sunrise 2 - Garrett List - Oct 2010



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Orchestra ViVo! debut album
Label Igloo Records (release : march 2014)

Link to the album page on Igloo Records website


ViVo! is a orchestra made up of renown artists

ViVo! counts 30 experienced musicians who are very active on the belgian creative music scene and who play in renown musical groups (Funk Sinatra, Wang Wei Quartet, Klezmic Zirkus, Music 4 a While,…). Most of them have been chosen for their interpreting capacity of traditional classical music but also for their knowledge in the art of improvisation and their personal creative aptitudes.


Soprano Violin (5) Martin LAUWERS
Maritsa NEY
Mezzo Soprano Violin (6) Nathalie HUBY
Viola (4) Jean-François DURDU
Cello (4) Marine HORBACZEWSKI


Flute (1) Carmen HEUSCHEN
Oboe (1) Tom VAN DE GRAAF
Clarinet (2) Aurélie CHARNEUX
Jean-François FOLIEZ
Trumpet (1) Antoine DAWANS
Saxophone (2) Laurent MEUNIER
Bassoon (1) Joanie CARLIER
Trombone (2) Adrien LAMBINET
Sébastien JADOT

Rythm Section

Piano (1) Johan DUPONT
Guitar (électric and acoustic) (2) Emmanuel BAILY
Double bass (2) André KLENES
Pierre GRECO
Percussion (3) Stephan POUGIN
Etienne PLUMER


Voices (3) Chantal HECK
Garrett LIST

ViVo! is an orchestra dedicated to music creation

It doesn’t play repertory music since the ambition of ViVo! is to create a ’new popular music’ composed by the orchestra’s musicians. With ViVo!, the composer is also the performer. Both roles are merging together. ViVo! is like a laboratory for the research of a ‘new popular music’.

ViVo! is an orchestra that practices “musical eclectism”

A movement of which Garrett List, its artistic director, was a precursor. ViVo! does not confined itself to one particular style. It plays classical music, of course, but also jazz, folk, rock, and even sometimes pop music! ... This freedom is achieved thanks to a rhythmic section integrated as part of the ensemble, and thanks to the musicians experience in different styles.

ViVo! is an orchestra that can transform itself into many different groups

ViVo! is a network of musicians committed to the adventure of creating a new orchestra. As such it is not based on a standard orchestration like a rock band or a symphony orchestra.
It is a large ensemble that can transform itself into many different groups. It could be a string quartet or a rock band or a jazz band or a wind band (fanfare). It will transform itself into these different groups in one concert. It will be able to play in many different places at one time only to come together as one large group at the end. The possibilities are endless. The only limitation is the imaginative power of the musicians themselves.

ViVo! is an orchestra with a mission

The world has reached a key moment in its history:it is no longer enough to condemn its failings; we now have to think of solutions together.

Acknowledging this leads to another realisation: that we have gradually lost confidence in our own creative power. As if Man was inclined to forget his ability to create, imagine and invent new ways of living.

There are no revolutionnary slogans, or calls for an uprising of the masses on ViVo!’s programme. Far from subscribing to that kind of attitude, ViVo! prefers to embark upon a positive course of action rather than just alerting people;


By bringing together young and talented musicians from a wide variety of backgrounds to explore our common heritage and to learn, through performing music, how to better know one another and live together.

The hope?

That the music being created touches everyone’s heart and stimulates their imagination, thereby restoring confidence in Man’s ability to imagine and conceive a “Future” possible for everyone today and the generations to come.

In this sense, ViVo! is striving to be an authentic artistic step for restoring everyone’s faith in his or her ceative power.


Reward at the Octaves de la Musique 2013!

On April 29th 2013, the career award of the Minister of Culture Fadila Laanan was delivered to Garrett List. This prize is given to the association World Citizens Music for its ambitious project Orchestra ViVo!, which contributes to the development and diffusion of a new popular music, inspiring and creative.

You haven’t heard the last of Orchestra ViVo!


What they say about it:


Fascinated to see that thirty young musicians without conductor can come together and keep us captivated for such a long time thanks to their sweet, cheerful and(but in the same time) nagging music, all of that accomplished with technic and rigor. I loved the battery’s solo opening the show and the (woman) clarinetist. I enjoyed Garrett’s love and enthusiasm for his young musicians, with his mischievous air and his poetry. Congratulations also to the young violinist ....
Hoping that your work will soon be recognized and will open another path to music.

- Brigitte Sepulchre (spectator)

And let me tell you again Mr Garrett ( the jazzy-philosophico-comic artistic director) List, that this concert was much more than interesting, it was an "elevating" and invigorating experience, which leaves us with smiles and things to think about with the mind and with the heart.
- Hélène Baiwir (spectator)

Beautiful concert in a beautiful theater and with a beautiful cover for your first CD! I hope ViVo! will perform again soon.
- Véronique Boniver (spectator)

Sumptuous concert !
- Philippe Content (Huy Regional Cultural Center director)

Big musical moment !
- Christophe Loyen (musician and Chênée Cultural Center director)

That’s like nothing else. That’s terribly exciting! The revisited classical music opens the door to all our desires.
- Françoise Halleux (spectator)

Thank you Garrett List for this orchestra full of promise for the future, of which Liège can already be proud, and for tirelessly handing down your ideas over the years.
- Philippe Schoonbrood (Chief Editor of Jazz Around and Citizen Jazz Benelux).

Vielen Dank für diese Stunde Poesie & Musik der besonderen Art! Bereicherung, Berührung und Genuss vom ersten bis zum letzten Klang... Hach..... :) - "Thank you for this moment of poetry and this music out of the ordinary. It was enrichment, emotion and pleasure from the very first note... :)"
- Evelyne Cüpper (spectactor)